Auto-clipping Tags

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This brief guide will provide insight into how to use auto-clipping tags. 

Auto-clipping your tags assists in creating auto-generated clips based on the tags you create. Instead of having to focus on when your participants are saying the words you are looking for, you can actually focus on the conversation, while auto-clip will "save the moment" every time that tag is said.


Auto-clipping tags

To pin the most used tags within your project, head to the 'Insights' tab and then click 'Tag Insights'.


Click the 'Tag Manager' button in the top left-hand corner.


You can also get here by clicking your tag link in the 'Interview Materials' section on your project overview page.


This will take you to the 'Manage Tag' modal.


Click auto-clip next to the tag you wish to set auto-generated clips for and then sit back and enjoy content created just for you in your next session!



Auto-clipping Past Interview Recordings

To create clips around missed or needed content on the full recordings in your project, choose a word you would like to track within all of your recordings and follow the steps above to create more content!


Auto-clipping in the Meeting Room

After the recording has been started in the meeting room, moderators and observers are now able to help themselves engage even more in the live conversations, by auto-clipping tags in the saved moments functionality, to help them find themes within all the interviews.


After clicking a most used tag option, choosing one from the setup up tags in your project, or typing in a new tag when saving a moment, the moderator or observer will be prompted to ask if they would like to auto-clip all tags all moments around that tag in that continued session, and all future sessions within the project.

NOTE*** - Choosing this option will not create clips around past recordings automatically. Once the session is over, a project member will need to return to the 'Manage Tags' dialogue uncheck then save, and then recheck that auto-clip box next to the tag you want to create content around and save again.


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