Interactive Discussion Guide

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Project Owners & Project Editors can integrate an Interactive Discussion Guide into the project. This guide will be visible in the meeting room during your Live Qual Research, facilitating the conversation.


Discuss Interactive Discussion Guide

A discussion guide is an outline of topics and questions that outlines the direction of the conversation and minimizes the effort from the moderator to remember all the questions that have to be asked, it also allows you to develop projective techniques to aid your respondents in expressing their feelings.


  • Discussion Guide creation is also offered through our Global Research Services

Using a Discussion Guide during Live Research

Below the Chat tab is a new Discussion Guide tab. Here you will see all the sections and questions you defined on the Overview page.


  • Moderators can mark off questions as they are asked to stay organized during the discussion. When checked, that question will appear integrated into the transcript. Therefore, it is best to check off the question immediately after asking it.
  • Observers and translators can also view the discussion guide so they know what has been asked and what's coming next. 
  • The discussion guide can be hidden from observers in the project settings. 

Setting Up Multiple Discussion Guide

Each project can have multiple discussion guides, perfect for multi-language or multi-profile studies. During interviews, moderators can select which discussion guide to use during the interview set-up.

  1. Select your Discussion Guide in your interviews when you join by choosing from the dropdown list on the top right of the screen.
  2. You will be able to switch between your created discussion guides.



Reuse an existing Discussion Guide

If you've created a discussion guide on another project you can reuse the existing discussion guide. By importing and editing it in your new project, saving you valuable time in your next project.

  1. To reuse an Existing Discussion Guide, click on the import guide dropdown within the discussion guide builder.
  2. Choose the one you want and edit as desired.
  3. Once you have made the changes to the discussion guide hit save. Edits won't be saved unless you click the save button.

Rename a Discussion Guide

Don't be afraid to mix it up in your project - feel like a change? Go ahead and rename your discussion guide! You can tweak and fine-tune your study as it unfolds, making your research journey more flexible and fun.

  1. In the Discussion Guide tab, click the pencil icon
  2. Enter your desired name and click "Save name" 


Deleting a Discussion Guide

Deleting a discussion guide will permanently remove the guide from your project, you will not be able to retrieve this once confirmed.  

  1. In the Discussion Guide tab
  2. Hit the Trash can button, and confirm you would like to delete


Clone a Discussion Guide

Clone a discussion guide to quickly adjust for different markets. Allowing you to focus on the discussion.

  1. In the Discussion Guide tab
  2. Hit the Clone button, choose the "Duplicate Discussion Guide" and edit as desired. Edits won't be saved unless you click the save button.

Discussion Guide Transcript & Recording Integration

Discussion Guide questions also show up in the recording. When questions are checked off in an interview, they will be annotated in the transcript and on the video timeline. Quickly review your questions and the resulting answer, and export all answers across your project for easy analysis.


Export Discussion Guide answers

To streamline the analysis of your project, export your discussion guide as an Excel file containing the discussion guide questions along with corresponding responses from each interview. To ensure the effectiveness of this export feature, it's crucial to mark off questions during the interview process.

  1. Click on the Discussion Guide tab
  2. Hit the "Export Answers" button 

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