How To add Collaborators, Editors, Viewers & Recruiters

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Discuss allows you to control project access by selecting different roles for your project members.

Manage who has access to what, by assigning Project Members as :


Recruiters & Omni-Recruiter




Editors have full access to your project. Collaborators are similar to editors, but they won't have access to creating and editing interview materials such as discussion guides, polls, and takeaway questions. You can limit respondent PII access for both of these roles, this setting can be adjusted in your project.

Recruiters and Omni-recruiters only have access to your project's respondent hub. The Omni-recruiter can see all respondents' PII and recruiters can only see their recruit's PII.

If you want to add users as viewers to your project, it means that they will have view-only access to your project's recording archives, highlight reels, and Self Captures (if applicable). Viewers can see the recordings, clips, and transcript, but won't be able to download them from your project. 

Additionally, if a moderator link to a session or a Personal Meeting Room link is shared with a Viewer from a project they are a part of, the Viewer is able to log in as a moderator for that session. The Viewer will not have access to any other parts of the project, so additional features like project settings, stimulus, polls, recruitment scheduling, and discussion guides would need to be set up for the Viewer by a Project Owner, Editor, or Collaborator in that project, in advance if they are expected. The Viewer can use the Personal Meeting Room link to practice the functionality before the session starts.




Note: Viewers will not have access to the an Overview page, so they will need to track the sessions they are invited to off platform. Setting the Viewer as a moderator on the Overview page will send the Viewer a calendar invite but not make them a collaborator. To allow further access to manage sessions and receive invites, they will need to be added as a collaborator on the project.





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