Invite a Moderator to Interviews

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Once an interview is created for your project, the ability to send and customize invites is at your fingertips. Invites can also be customized. This feature empowers you to efficiently manage participant invites for your interviews, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience for moderators.

 Add Moderators as Project Members

  1. From the Overview tab of your Project Dashboard, locate the Project Members section on the right side of your screen. Click on Manage Members.
  2. Click on Add Project Members and select the Role for your Moderator.
      • Collaborators will have access to Moderate & your Project Dashboard. A seat is required.
      • Viewer will have access to Moderator Interview & only your Project Recordings Archive. No seat is required.
      • Learn more about Project Level Roles
  3. Enter the email address of your Moderator. If the user doesn't have a Discuss Account, they will receive an email to create their account.

View or Customize Interview Invites (optional)

  1. From your Project Overview Tab, click on invites located on the left since of the schedule interview button.
  2. Select the Moderator Invite and customize the content of the calendar invite to fit your needs

 Assign and invite Your Moderator To One or All Interviews.

  1. Once your Interviews are scheduled and your invites are customized, click on the + moderators button to assign a moderator.
  2. A list of your existing Project Members will appear, allowing you to assign a moderator from your viewer or your researcher list. Once assigned, select if you want to add them to all already scheduled interviews.
  3. Click on save and the moderator will receive a calendar invite including instructions and the moderator link.

Remove a Moderator from an Interview

  1. From the Overview Tab of your Project, click on Edit, next to the Moderator Email, in the Upcoming Interviews Section.
  2. Untick the box next to the Moderator Email
  3. Click on Save to confirm your change.


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