Viewing Password Protected Research Insights

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This brief guide will provide further information on what to expect when it comes to viewing password-protected Research Recordings, clips, and highlight reels. 

  • No Discuss account is required
  • Links are different for each recording, clips & highlight reels
  • Passwords are available for 30 days. If needed, contact a project member to receive a new password


View Shared Recording, Clip or Highlight Reel

  1. Click or copy the link shared with you in your browser.
  2. Enter your email address & access key received by the project owner, editor or collaborator.
  3. Accept Discuss privacy policy and terms of service.
  4. After the credentials have been entered and confirmed, you will be directed to the clip or highlight reel and will also be able to see: name of the clip, sentiment analysis, tags, transcript, details, and if the session was anonymized.




If the viewer is interested in creating an account and starting their own project with, they will have an opportunity to learn more.





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