What is the Viewer Role

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Explore the Viewer Role in Discuss Projects: a convenient way to share insights with your organization or clients, or allow external partners to moderate sessions without full access to your project portal. Plus, for those with unlimited subscriptions, Viewer users don't occupy any seats.


  • Viewers can access recordings, highlight reels, and the self captures tab
  • This role is view-only, meaning users can't download insights from your project portal.
  • Viewers need to create a Discuss account
  • Viewers can moderate sessions


Viewer vs. Observer

A viewer is different from an observer.

Observers play a unique role in the Discuss Interactive Meeting Room, they can participate in discussions without being visible or audible. They can engage through the chat panel and utilize features to save moments in the recording archive.

However, observers do not have access to the project portal, which means they cannot review research insights. To grant access to the project portal recordings archive, users must be added as viewers directly in the project.

An observer is any person with an observer link (i.e. https://app.discuss.io/123456/o) to a session who can watch the live interview as it's happening. A viewer would be able to access the recordings afterward.


Limitation of the Viewer Role

Viewers can't : 

    • Add, edit, and delete information or insights from your project portal
    • Share and download research information, recording or transcript
    • View PII, Genie Summary

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What does the viewer see?

Viewers can see the recordings page, the highlight reel page and the self-captures (if enabled for a project) for the project with no other options.





Moderating as a Viewer Role

If a moderator link to a session or a Personal Meeting Room link is shared with a Viewer from a project they are a part of, the Viewer can log in as a moderator for that session.

The Viewer will not have access to any other parts of the project, so additional features like project settings, stimulus, polls, recruitment scheduling, and discussion guides would need to be set up for the Viewer by a Project Owner, Editor, or Collaborator in that project, in advance if they are expected.

The Viewer can use the Personal Meeting Room link to practice the functionality before the session starts.


  • Viewers won't have access to the Overview page, so they'll need to track their invited sessions off-platform.
  • Assigning the Viewer role as a moderator on the Overview page sends them a calendar invite without making them a collaborator.
  • To grant additional access for managing sessions & viewing the calendar tab, they must be added as collaborators on the project.


Adding a Viewer

Learn how to add a project member




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