Editing the Transcript of a Recording

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to edit machine transcripts from your session.

Using machine transcripts can be helpful when you are creating your post-session report. Sometimes machine-generated transcripts don't get it right. That's why we have made it easier than ever to edit those bits that aren't quite right. 


How to Edit the Transcript of a Recording

To edit the transcript of a full recording, head to the 'Recordings' page located in the 'Insights' tab.


To the left of the recording, there is a transcript that has editing capabilities. This area is broken up by speaker identification. Each section can be edited by stanza.


To edit a section of your transcript, click the edit button next to the area of text you wish to edit.


Edit your text as desired, adding missing text, or completely deleting the word or phrase. Your edits will not save unless you click the 'Save' button. If you made a mistake and need to revert back to the original transcript for that section you were editing, click the 'Cancel' button.


Once you have saved the edit, your new line of text will appear in the transcript.



Using your transcript for Off-Platform Research

1. Import your recording and select the language spoken - This will generate a machine transcript of the video

2. Edit the machine transcript and copy and paste your text from the .txt file.

The subtitles on the video on our platform will then use the text from the transcript. 

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