A Guide to Consent Forms for Recruiters

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This article is for Project Owners, Researchers, Editors, Collaborators, Recruiters & Omnirecruiters who wish to assign consent forms to respondents (to be signed days ahead of the interviews) and review the status. This can all be done through the Respondent tab.

With Discuss, you can seamlessly assign and send consent forms that need to be completed during the Tech Check (ATC) process or during Async Activities. Ensuring that all necessary consent documentation is in place.   

If you are a Project Owner, Researcher, Editors, or Collaborator, please ensure that you have uploaded the Consent Form to your Project Overview Tab. You won't be able to assign consent forms to a respondent until you've uploaded at least one form.

Recruiters & Omnirecruiters can't upload consent forms but have access to the Respondent tab to send & review the form status. 


Assign Consent Forms to Respondents

Start by navigating to your Project Dashboard.

  1. Click on "Respondents"
  2. Click on '' Respondent Hub"
  3. Click the "Notify & Invite" button at the top left of the 'Respondent Hub' page
  4. Click the "Assign Consent Forms" button.
  5. Choose the consent form(s) and respondent(s) that you would like to send to under the 'No Forms Assigned' or the 'Already Assigned' Category.
  6. Click 'Save Assignment' and then you can move on to assigning consent forms to tech checks or Self Captures by clicking 'Next: Tech Checks.' or 'Next: Self Captures.'

You can now choose which respondent(s) to send the notification to, with the attached consent forms. To confirm you are sending the right consent forms to the right respondent, each respondent will have their email and assigned consent forms listed under their name.

Any session with consent forms assigned to the session will prompt a special bullet in the body of the default email, informing the respondent that they will be required to sign consent forms before joining a session to enter the interview.

Once you have reviewed all your information, click the 'Send' button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

  • Respondents must sign assigned consent forms before entering an interview on the day of the discussion.
  • If a consent form is assigned but not signed during the Tech Check (TC), respondents will be prompted to sign it before joining the live session.

Tech Check/Consent Form Notification

  1. When consent forms have been assigned and sent to a respondent in the Consent Form(s) through the Tech Check workflow process, the participant will receive an email confirmation from Discuss (no-reply@discuss.io).
  2. The default email includes a bulleted note informing them of the requirement to sign a consent form. They can then click the unique link to continue to the consent forms and the tech check video submission.

Respondent Tech Check Flow


Reviewing Consent Form Status

With the Respondent Hub, you can easily review the status of your Consent Form. This allows you to confirm that respondents provided their consent prior to their interviews.

To check if a respondent has been assigned consent forms, view the form status column next to their name in the Respondent Hub tab of your Project Dashboard. The assignment status will display as

  • "Not Assigned"
  • "Not Sent"
  • "Not Signed"
  • or "Signed".

The status of a Consent Form can also be found in the 'Add/Edit' Modal of the Respondent Hub. A green checkmark will appear under the consent form column. Make sure a respondent is scheduled for a session to ensure the right consent forms are being sent to them. 

Consent Form Safety Net

To guarantee every respondent has signed the form before entering a session, we recommend assigning consent forms to the interview(s). This can be done by Project owners, Researchers, editors & collaborators.

Note: Your respondents who have been assigned this previously will not be required to fill out the form again if they are using the same email address that has captured consent.

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