Polling as a Participant

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This brief guide will provide a detailed overview of the polling flow from the perspective of the Respondent.   Provide instructions on how to answer a poll and submit the responses correctly. 


Participant Polling Flow

If the polling capability has been added to a project, and poll questions have been created, a participant will be able to see a polling tab in their chat capabilities.

If the participant were to click the tab when a poll was not live, they would receive a message that would let them know that there is no poll to take at that time. This view will also be the default view whenever there is not a live poll launched, including after previous polls have been launched.


Answering a Poll

After the moderator launches a poll, you will be prompted with either a single select (circular check box)

or multi-select (square checkbox) to respond with.

To complete the poll and save the response, the participant(s) must hit 'Submit'.

After a participant has submitted their response, a thank you response message will populate for the participant.


Viewing the Live Poll Results

If the moderator has chosen to share the results with the participant(s), the participant(s) will be able to view the percentage voted for each response, and how many votes that included, after submitting their response. All results will remain anonymous to the participant(s). If the poll has been labeled in the 'Interview Prep' section, that label will not be made visible to the participant(s).



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