Launching a Poll in the Meeting Room

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This brief guide will provide information on how to access the polls in session and provide step by step on how to launch them.  Once the poll has been launched and completed, you will learn how to end the poll and review the results. 


Access Your Polls In Session

After you have created your polls in your 'Interview Prep' session, you will notice a new tab under your 'Discussion Guide' tab in the chat section of your chat area. This is where you will be able to find your created questions to launch within an interview.


If you have not created any polls for your project, this tab will not appear for you.


Click the tab to be shown a list of created polls for your project.


About Interview Polls

Your list of polls will include all the questions created for your project, including the label (if added), what type of question you are asking (single select or multiple choice), the question, all answer choices, and a launch button for each question.


Polls cannot be created or edited in the 'Meeting Room', but can be created or edited in real-time in your 'Interview Prep' session. Once the new question is saved, you are able to refresh your browser, and the new question will appear in your list of polling questions in the 'Meeting Room'.

To see the question (if a label is added) or the list of answer options for your poll, click the little arrow in the top right corner of each question to expand or minimize how much information you would like to see in your queue.


Launching a Poll

When you are ready to launch your poll, hit a launch button to get it started. You do not need to be recording a session to capture any data.


If a participant enters the session during the launch of a poll that is live, they will be able to participate in the poll.


As the participants answer the poll, the moderator, observer, and translator will be able to see the polling in real-time.

The moderator can also choose to show your participants the results in real-time. Choosing to share the results with them will only show how many votes came in instead of who voted for that answer. This functionality will only be live during a launched poll. The poll results will only show to the participants that have submitted an answer.


Only the moderator, observer, and translator roles can see in real-time the name of the participants and their choices.

The option to hide the results from your participants is also available after showing the participants the results when the poll is live.


Ending a Poll

To end a poll, click the 'End Poll' option in the top right corner of your live poll. There is no time limit for your live poll, so in order to capture the results of your launched poll, you must remember to end your poll before the end of your session.


Results in the Meeting Room

After the poll has been completed, you will be able to see your launched poll in your list.

To see a full the full results of that launch question in that interview, use the arrow in the top right corner to expand or minimize the results in your polling list.



Relaunching a Poll

If you hit the 'Launch' button in a poll that has already been used in your interview, you will be prompted with a warning message asking if you would like to relaunch the poll. If you relaunch the same poll, you original data collected will be cleared and the new participant responses after the relaunch will replace that information.


If you are in need of asking the same question more than once within an interview, it is best practice to duplicate the poll created, and label them with different names to collect the data from both responses.


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