How to Name a Recording

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to name and rename a recording of a session. After your session is complete. Recordings can take from 30-60 minutes to process and be available in the archive. 

Naming your recording saves time by making it faster to scan through recordings for the one you want to analyze or share. Once a recording has been named it appears for all collaborators in your project.


How to Name and Rename a Recording

Navigate to the recordings tabs on your project


Once you are on the recordings page, select the video you want to name. By selecting the session on the left-hand side.


On your desired recording tile, click the pencil icon.


A window will pop up that allows you to name, or rename a recording for easy findability. Simply type your desired name:

The save button will become available once you have entered your changes:
Hit "Save" when you are happy with your recording name.

Your new name will appear in the recordings list, making it simple to distinguish recordings by country, respondent profile, brand usage, or any other dimension you wish to call out.




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