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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to complete and start a new project by requesting a quote. If you are ready to get started, you can request a project quote by filling out the form at the following page.


Start a New Project - Request a Quote

Required fields MUST be completed for you to move forward in the form. Please ensure you have completed all the required fields starred in each section. A reminder that this is a non-binding estimate and will be reviewed by a member of our team who will reach out to you to make adjustments or a formal proposal.

Required Fields

  • Project name.

  • Subscription type: You can choose between a USB or Flexpot subscription.
    • If you're a member of only one organization: We'll automatically pre-fill the field for you.
    • If you're a member of multiple organizations: Select the organization you want to associate with your project from the dropdown menu.

  • Select a Team (this can be No Team). Teams are groups of users who have access to projects. By assigning projects to a team, you ensure that no one loses access if the project owner moves on. 

  • Phone number.

  • Kind of project
    • Live Video Research: Have live, moderated conversations. Get everything you need to set up, run and analyze research. Choose homework or other optional services to support you.
    • Asynchronous Research: Use Self Captures feature to collect unmoderated feedback. Create and send activities, analyze responses, and uncover insights. Choose the option to invite select respondents to a follow-up interview or optional services to support you.
    • Media Uploads: Upload pre-recorded video(s) to the Discuss platform. Automatically generate a transcript, leverage analysis tools to uncover insights, and create clips or highlight reels.

Project Basics - Tell us about your project

Required Fields

  • Research objective

  • Approximate start date

  • Recruiting Method

    • Recruit new candidates for me - will find candidates for you from a variety of panels and sources
    • Recruit from my own list of candidates - will find candidates for you from within your provided list of people
    • I (or my agency) will recruit my candidates - will not find participants for you
  • Will you need project coordination from Discuss
  • What devices can your respondents use

Target Markets - Where should your participants be located?

Click Add Market 

  • Respondent's country

  • Optional: Respondent Language
  • Optional: I need a moderator/translator
  • Session Type, number of sessions, and duration

You can continue to add markets for each one needed in your project.

If we recruit for you, you can enter the number of Backup Respondents per market.

If we recruit for you, you can enter your Recruitment Criteria.



Add-ons are project dependent. All users may not see all options. Select your project add-ons.

  • Live Tech Support during Interview(s) - An agent will be available throughout your interviews for support and troubleshooting.
  • Genie (Generative AI): Get to insights faster with instantaneous AI-powered interview recaps, project summaries, themes, and more that save, on average, 10-20 hours per project.
  • Mobile Screen Share (also known as Mobile Usability) - Mobile Screen Sharing allows a participant to live stream a mobile phone application during an Online Live Interview session. The respondent downloads the approved DIO app from the app store and is then able to share their mobile screen during a live online interview.
  • Training - Have a representative join you/your team in a meeting room for a training session(s).
  • Embedded Consent Forms - Have respondents e-sign legal documents such as NDAs & compliance forms during the Tech Check or as they enter the interview. Forms are conveniently stored in one place & easy to review. We charge for the actual usage of the forms at the end of the project.
  • Human Transcription - Get an accurate account of every word said during your sessions. Machine transcripts (85% accurate) are included at no extra cost.

You can enter the emails of any collaborators on your team here.


Billing Information


  • Billing account (dropdown)

  • Optional: Budget holder email and brand/team/category

Review Estimate

You will receive an itemized initial estimate for your project. At any point, you can go back to a section in the Project Details and make adjustments by clicking on the section name from the left side panel. If all looks good, click Next.



  • If project details are final and you agree to the estimate, click Start this Project.
  • If you Submit for Review, a Discuss representative will review your project for timing and feasibility and respond to you with a formal quote.
  • If you're not ready to go forward with either of the above options you can exit the quote form.



The estimate will join a queue to wait for review by our business team.

You will get a quick confirmation message that your submission is complete and be redirected to your new project’s overview page.

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