Subscription Tracking

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This section will provide information on your Discuss subscription tracking. We will cover who can use your credits, how to check your credits log, who can check this log, and also how to start a new project within a subscription account.


Who can use my credits?

If you would like anyone in your organization with matching email domains to use your credits, we recommend setting up your subscription as an Organization.

If you would like only a handful of users to access your subscription, we recommend setting up your subscription on a Team.

Please contact your account manager to set up or edit who can access your subscription.


Where can I see how many credits I have remaining?

Credits remaining can be seen in the dashboard, quote form estimate page, and the project overview page. The banner on your 'All Projects' dashboard page will give you a quick summary of the credits that are spent of your current total amount. It will also give you a quick overview of your credits that will be used at a future date.

Click the 'Review Usage' button on the right part of the banner for a more detailed outline of your credit tracking information for your account.


After clicking the 'Review Usage' button, a module will appear with a detailed summary. At the top will be a full summary of all credits purchased, spent, confirmed, and pending, along with how many teams will have access to those credits, associated with your account.


You will also see a line item breakdown for all of your projects.



Who can see the credit logs?

If the subscription is for an entire organization, then only the organization admins can view the credit logs. Please contact your organization admin or to add an org admin.

If your subscription is on a team, then all team members can access the credit log for that team.


What are pending credits?

Credits that are expected to be used by not confirmed for your subscription.


What are confirmed credits?

Credits used that will be used by projects in your subscription but have not been completed.


What are spent credits?

Credits used by your completed projects in your subscription.


Is there a limit on the number of credits I can use in a quarter?


Not at all! You can use all of your credits with a single quarter if you would like.


How do I start a new project within a subscription account?

Navigate to to submit a project request.

In the first step, make sure you assign your project to a Team. Subscription credits can only be used within teams. If you do not assign the project to a Team then you will not be able to deduct subscription credits.

Once submitted you will have access to your project.


How are credits deducted from my account?

Credits are deducted based on your agreed project specs.


1 on 1 credits = 1 respondent in a session.
Group credits = 2+ respondents in a session.


Credits will also be deducted for cancellations and reschedules in accordance with our Cancellation and Postponement Policy.


What happens when I run out of credits?

When you run out of credits, you will be charged adhoc pricing for 1v1 and group interviews. Please contact your account manager to renew.






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