Highlight Reels for Qualitative Research

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Project Owners, Editors & Collaborators can create & edit presentation-ready highlight reels for stakeholders and clients, with the addition of images, documents, and transitions, using all of your gathered project insights from Self Captures and Live conversations.

Additionally, outside slides and other content can be added to help convey your final story.


The Power of Highlight Reels in Qualitative Market Research

Creating highlight reels of interview sessions for online qualitative market research offers several key benefits:

  1. Concise Insight Delivery: Highlight reels distill lengthy interview sessions into concise segments, making it easier for stakeholders to digest key insights quickly. This format is particularly valuable for busy decision-makers who may not have the time to review entire interviews.
  2. Visual Representation: Highlight reels provide a visual representation of participants' feedback, enhancing understanding and retention of insights. Seeing and hearing participants' responses can make the findings more compelling and memorable for stakeholders.
  3. Engagement: Dynamic highlight reels can captivate stakeholders' attention more effectively than static reports or transcripts. They can include compelling visuals, sound bites, and storytelling techniques to engage viewers and communicate the research findings in a compelling manner.
  4. Facilitating Decision-Making: By presenting the most salient points and impactful moments from interviews, highlight reels facilitate informed decision-making. Stakeholders can quickly grasp the key takeaways and use them to guide strategic planning, product development, or marketing efforts.
  5. Sharing and Collaboration: Highlight reels are easily shareable assets that can be distributed among team members, clients, or other stakeholders. They serve as a collaborative tool for discussing and analyzing research findings, fostering alignment and shared understanding among team members.
  6. Feedback Validation: Showcasing participants' own words and reactions in highlight reels can validate the research findings and insights. Seeing and hearing real people express their opinions and experiences adds credibility and authenticity to the research outcomes.

Be your own video expert using Discuss highlight reels to create a cohesive story.



When utilizing highlight reels, give a face and voice to your consumers, with tools to :

  • Create unlimited highlight reels to support your findings

  • Add up to 12 video clips to convey an impactful story

  • Include images and transitions to bring an added layer of authenticity into your report

  • Share finding via a secure link or embed them directly into your report

  • Viewers can see Highlight Reels


Create a Highlight Reel

Learn how to create, and download highlight reels in our step-by-step training video. 


Add Images to Highlight Reel

Sometimes, you might want to set the stage for upcoming content with a transitionary moment or add a content slide.

There could have even been a moment where the poll results from the interview or whiteboard activity were so interesting you would want your stakeholders or clients to witness them.

Building empathy has never become easier with our highlight reel additions!


  1. Navigate to the Insights tab from your project overview page and select "Highlight Reels".

  2. Click on the 'Upload Images' tab, then the 'Upload Images' button.

  3. Choose all the images you want to upload (ensure they are .jpeg or .png file types).

  4. Click 'Upload'.

  5. Drag the uploaded image tiles to the Highlight Reel timeline.

  6. Note: Images can be placed alongside other images, video clips, and transitions.



You can edit your images if needed. Once you've selected your image in the Upload modal, and edit option will appear, allowing you to crop or rotate your image.


Add Self Captures to Highlight Reel

Do you want to include your Async Research findings in your highlight reel? Learn how to here


Add transitions to Highlight Reel

Sharing the final research story may not always come in the form of captured video content when it comes to respondents. Sometimes, you might want to set the stage for upcoming content with a transitionary moment.

Transitions can only be placed between video clips in a highlight reel.

  1. Go to the Insights tab from your project overview.

  2. Choose "Highlight Reels" and create one with your video clips.

  3. Move to the "Transitions" tab.

  4. Drag the transition tile between your chosen clips.

  5. Once done, click "create" to make your highlight reel.

  6. Add a title and description.

  7. Click "create" again to start rendering.

You will see the highlight reel rendering once complete the highlight reel will be available on the right handle side panel under "Highlight Reels"


Add/Edit a description to your Highlight Reel

Before creating a highlight reel you must have clips already available. These clips are used to make a highlight reel.

Adding descriptions to 'Highlight Reels' or 'Clips' helps you with the following:

  • Can give additional background context as to the significance of the moment
  • Helps researchers "set the stage" of what is being presented for stakeholders not privy to the whole project
  • Helps researchers keep notes and collaborate with project team members about specific moments

Instructions to add a description

  1. Go to your project overview page and click on the Insights tab.
  2. Select "Highlight Reels".
  3. Drag and drop the clips you want into your highlight reel".
  4. Click "Create Highlight Reel."
  5. Add a title and description for your new highlight reel.
  6. Click "Create."

Instructions to edit description

  1. Click the 'Highlight Reel' or Clip you want to add/edit/delete a description from.
  2. Add, edit, or delete text in the description area of the clip viewer. All changes will auto-save.

Duplicate Highlight Reel

Want to edit your highlight reels without losing the original file? You now can duplicate it on the Highlight Reels page. Simply copy the clip or highlight reel then make edits to your video.




  1. Go to your project overview page and click on the Insights tab.
  2. Select "Highlight Reels."
  3. Choose the Highlight Reel you want to re-cut from the right-hand side and click the 3-dot menu.
  4. Click "Duplicate"


Re-cut a Highlight Reel

Adding clips to an existing highlight reel has never been easier. Thanks to our new re-cut highlight reel feature. Please note you must have a highlight reel already composed to use the re-cut feature.




  1. Go to your project overview page and click on the Insights tab.
  2. Select "Highlight Reels."
  3. Choose the Highlight Reel you want to re-cut from the right-hand side and click the 3-dot menu.
  4. Click "Re-Cut Highlight Reel."
  5. Rearrange or add new clips in the clip timeline as needed.
  6. To save your changes, click "Save Changes."

Your amended Highlight Reel will be available under the Highlight Reels tabs 


Clear timeline

The "Clear Timeline" button located on the top right of the Timeline section allows you to 

  • Remove all clips from the timeline and start from scratch
  • Exit the editing mode once your new Highlight Reel is rendered


Sharing a Highlight Reel

Download a Highlight Reel

Additional Resources

Find more on creating clips for your highlight reel:



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