How to Get Help in the Meeting Room

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to request help during your session. Your Discuss tech support agent is here to help with any issues you experience during your interview.


How to Get Help in the Meeting Room

The help button is available for the Moderator, Observer, and Translator roles when you have purchased Premier Live Tech Support for your project.

This is available as an add-on during your quoting and project setup.

  1. Click on the help button on the bottom right of the screen. This will notify a Discuss team member tojoin your session to look into the issue. 
  2. After you click the button, a confirmation message will appear in the backroom chat. This is not seen by any of the participants in the session.
  3. Your Discuss tech support agent will quickly join and help you out. They will reach the participant that requested help using the private chat option so please keep an eye on your chat panel!




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