How to Schedule Interviews

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Schedule and edit sessions in your Project Dashboard. All your scheduled interviews are listed here. Access moderator and observer links for all sessions and view assigned team lead moderators. If no one is assigned, the "moderator" column will be blank. Everyone added as a collaborator in the "Editors and Collaborators" section automatically has moderator access for all sessions.

How to Schedule Interviews

Head to your overview page and click "Schedule Interview"



Select your date and time


Edit your interview settings (if needed)


  • Video host country: The country where your respondents are from. The host country allows us to route web traffic to servers as close to your respondents as possible in order to minimize lag and ensure a high-quality session. It should be set to the country your respondents are in.

  • Interview language: The language of the interview, it's important that the correct language or accent is selected in order to guarantee better accuracy in the machine transcript

  • Translation type: If your session needs a translator, please inform if the translation type is Simultaneous vs. consecutive interpretation

  • Translated language: The language that the translator will be translating into

  • Invite guests: You are able to add observer or respondent emails that will automatically receive a calendar invite with the session link.

NOTE: If you invite a respondent using this method, they will not be prompted to do the tech check, if you would like your respondents to complete the tech check please follow the process located here.


Click create!

The interview will appear in the upcoming sessions section.

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