How do I Test my Device?

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This guide will provide instructions on how to test your device, and how to conduct a tech check on the platform.

We will cover step-by-step how to join a personal meeting room, conduct a WebRTC check, and utilize various diagnostic tools to ensure audio, video, and connection quality meet the required standards. 


To ensure the best possible experience with our web-based platform we recommend completing a tech check by any one or a combination of the following methods


Join Your Personal Meeting Room

  1. Your Personal Meeting Room (PMR) is located on the project's Overview page and it simulates the live meeting room environment. Click Join Room to enter:  TestMyDevice.PNG


  2. You will be met with the device settings page. On the left side of the modal is the video setting. Select your video device, if necessary. If you can see yourself, then your camera is working with our platform:

  3. On the right side of the modal is the audio setting. Select the microphone you wish to use. If you speak into your microphone and the triangle next to the device name lights up pink then your microphone is working with our platform:



  • If you're not convinced your devices are functional, you can ask a colleague to join you in the PMR to confirm they can hear and see you.
  • If you can't join a PMR, there are other methods of ensuring your devices are working.


Conduct a WebRTC Check

You can do a pre-call test using a TokBox tool (TokBox is our video API). This tool can test connectivity, bitrate, and packet loss, and your camera, mic, and browser. This tool also allows for audio-only checks in case you want to double or triple-check your microphone. If you pass this check, your devices will work with our platform:



Diagnostics Tools

You can also use any of the following free web tools to help diagnose your tech issues:



Platform System Requirements Verification

You can visit on the same device and WiFi connection you will use for your actual session to get verification on audio, video, and connection. You will be taken to a screen with the message:

"Please wait while we verify your browser and network settings..."

Be sure to allow your camera and microphone.


Wait! The tech check takes about 30 seconds and will score your connection quality (We aim for scores of 3.0 and above for optimum performance). Pay attention! Once the check is complete you are immediately redirected to your dashboard. If you see all checks and a green rating between 3-4.5 (see image below), you are ok to join any live session.



If you score in the yellow or red, don't sweat. You can troubleshoot your devices and connection by:
  • Ensuring your browser is the most up-to-date

  • Removing any other devices from your wifi connection

  • Closing any programs or apps that might be consuming valuable bandwidth

  • Closing any programs or apps that might be monopolizing your audio/video device

  • Switching from a Bluetooth device to a wired device

  • Ensuring the correct device is selected in the device settings

  • Plugging/unplugging and trying again

  • Restarting your computer


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