View and Download Session Transcript

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to view and download machine-generated transcripts. After your session is complete. Recordings and transcripts can take from 30-60 minutes to process and be available in the archive. 


How to View Session Transcript

You can download and view transcripts from the ‘Recordings‘ tab on your project.


Once you are on the recordings page, select the video you want to view or download the transcript from. By selecting the session on the left-hand side. 


If your session included simultaneous translation, select the language you wish your transcript to be in via the dropdown.select_trans_lang.png

We support human transcription in every language and machine transcription in 119 languages


How to Download Session Transcript

To download a transcript, click the Tools & Downloads button above the transcript. 

For simultaneous translation sessions, the transcript will download in the language selected in the dropdown.

If you ordered human transcript(s), they will replace the machine transcript(s) in the dropdown.

Please Note: Human transcripts take 24-72 hours to produce.


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