How Do I Update My Webcam's Driver in Windows?

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This brief guide will provide instructions for Windows users on how to update the driver of their webcam.


If your webcam is not showing up or not behaving as expected, likely, its driver hasn't been updated.

  1. Search for "device manager" in the Windows Start menu. Whichever Windows version you use, searching is the quickest way. Click Device Manager on the search results (as shown below on Windows 8)


2. On the Device Manager window, look for the webcam device. Look for Imaging devices or similar. 


3. Right-click on your webcam device and select Update Driver Software.

4. Click on the "Search automatically" option to search for whether any drivers are available. You can then download and install the new driver.


5. After installation, close everything and restart your computer.

  • Note: Some external webcams may be listed in Other devices or Other USB devices depending on the Windows version.

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