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Virtual Collaborative Whiteboard

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Helps moderators share ideas in real time and collect respondents' annotations. Ensures an engaging & interactive conversation.


The whiteboard feature is accessible to moderators, respondents, and observers during interview sessions. This guide offers an overview of these features, designed to facilitate discussion, brainstorm ideas, and create visual aids with markups. 

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Moderator Features

The Whiteboard Features are Available on a Sidebar on the Left-Hand Side of the Stimuli


1. Close the whiteboard
After closing the whiteboard the file will still be available if it needs to be shared again. This is only visible for moderators.

2. Color of the markup

When the whiteboard is open, each respondent will be assigned a different color automatically. Moderators can easily change the color of respondents mark up in a live session.

***Note: Respondents will not be able to change their color. If the respondent's color is not clearly visible when marking up the chosen stimulus, it will be on the moderator to reassign the color for that respondent.

3. Select items to move around
Once a markup is created, it can be dragged to other parts of the screen

4. Drawing tool
Used to create markups in the whiteboard

5. Add text

Respondents and moderators are able to choose their font size (ranging from 10 to 22), and then click confirm to submit the text to the whiteboard, or "x" to cancel their input. Text cannot be edited after submitted. To resubmit, use the eraser on the text and resubmit the new text.

6. Draw straight lines

7. Draw squares and rectangles

8. Draw circles

9. Erase markups.

10. Magnify an image.

11. Reveal respondents markup

12. Save a snapshot
Save a snapshot of the whiteboard as an image that is available in the Recordings tab. Note that the whiteboard displayed in a session is automatically recorded in the discussion video.

13. Remove items or clear the whiteboard
Clicking this icon removes all the markups on the whiteboard.


Respondents Features

Respondents can use the following markup tools :

Moving markups, pencil, text, draw lines, squares, circles, erase their markups


Observer Features

Gather insights from your observers by allowing them to save snapshots of interesting whiteboard markup. The snapshot will be stored in the project archive and can easily be downloaded.

Save Snapshot


Magnify an image

This can be useful for reviewing a diagram or for identifying specific features in an image.

As a moderator, you can magnify an image in the meeting room for all your respondents and observers. 

1. Open the static image in the session by clicking on the share media button

2. Click on the Magnifying Glass icon from the toolbar on the left

3. Select an area to zoom

4. To zoom out, click on the magnifying glass icon again.

If you want to zoom in on another area of your image click the icon again and follow the steps above. 






Reveal the respondents' markup

Respondent markups are hidden from other respondents by default. A moderator can choose to reveal all the markup on the whiteboard to other respondents by clicking on the crossed-through eye icon on the whiteboard.  Moderators, observers, and translators can see participant markups as they are made. They do not need to be revealed.

  1. To reveal markup to all the respondents in the meeting room, click on the crossed-through eye icon on the whiteboard.
  2. To hide markup from the rest of the panelists click on the eye icon on the whiteboard.


Changing respondents' markup color 

When the whiteboard is open, each respondent will be assigned a different color automatically. Moderators can easily change the color of each respondent's markup. Those colors can also be found in the recordings archive.

  1. Open the stim and you can see the color respondents have been assigned by looking at the color bar below their video.
  2. Click the pencil icon beside the respondent's name.
  3. Select desired color from the palette that appears beside the selected respondent. 
  4. .The display name field will now appear in the color that has been selected.



Find whiteboard colors after the interview

Project Members can view the assigned colors by logging into their Project Dashboard and : 

  1. Clicking on the Insights, then Recordings tab
  2. Clicking on the pencil icon next to the relevant interview on the left side


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