Echo or Other Audio Feedback

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to identify causes of echo and other audio feedback and solutions that can be applied to avoid such audio issues during your online sessions.


Echo or Other Audio Feedback

Cause: This will happen if the mic picks up sound from within the meeting room which then creates feedback. If you're using external speakers (as in a conference environment), their system might generate a disruptive echo that will interfere with the interview flow.


Solution: Please use headphones. If using a headset is not an option, you can ask all respondents and moderators who do not have headphones to lower the volume on their computers.

Alternatively, you might try selectively muting participants' microphones to determine which computer is the cause. Once you have found where the echo/feedback is coming from you can then ask this person to mute when they are not talking. By using the microphone icon on the lower left of the meeting room.


Another cause: Could be multiple instances of the meeting room in multiple tabs.

  • Don't run two clients in the same physical room (sound from the speaker on one computer enters the microphone of the other computer).

  • Reduce the speaker volume.

  • Use a headset.

  • Use a conference microphone/speaker with built-in noise canceling.

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