Join a Discussion on a Computer or Web Session With your Phone as Your Audio Source

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This article summarizes what is required to join a session with your phone as the primary audio source. 


When you click a link to join a session, you will first go through a tech check, which ensures that your audio and video devices can be detected and are working properly. 


Following the tech check, you will be directed to select your audio and video devices for the session. If you wish to join using your phone, select "Call me" under Audio


If you need to switch your audio source after you have connected to a session due to audio issues please review How to Switch Audio Source in a Session


Calling Yourself Using the "Call me" button

Please note moderators must be able to access a web session to dial in. 

When you select "Call me", you will be prompted to enter your phone number. Select your country and enter your phone number to have the system call you. We support calls to every country.


When you answer, you will need to enter the unique PIN code shown in the bottom right corner of the Device Settings modal. This PIN will work for the duration of your session, in case you get disconnected and need to call back in. If you plan to use phone audio, please jot down your PIN.

When the call is successfully connected, you will either join the meeting room or wait in the lobby until the interview begins.

Calling In Using the "Dial-in" Method

If you prefer to dial in, click "Show dial-in instructions" in the middle of the Device Settings modal. Select a country and you will be shown the local conference number to dial. When your call connects, enter the unique PIN code at the bottom right of the modal.


Please note that we are unable to provide dial-in numbers in every country. If you do not see your country listed and wish to avoid international phone charges, please use the above method - Calling Yourself Using the "Call me" button


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