Allowing Microphone and Camera access

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Navigate the process of granting Discuss access to your camera and microphone on your browser, whether you're using a computer or mobile device.

Blocking this access can potentially hinder your entry into the Interactive Meeting Room. 


  • While this step is essential for Observers as part of a system capability check, rest assured that observers remain unseen and unheard in the meeting room.


Accessing Web Browser Permissions

On any browser, the participant is prompted to and must allow the site access to the microphone and camera.


Example prompt from Google Chrome



Allowing Devices on Chrome

On any page that requests your camera or microphone (like the meeting room or tech check), you should see a Camera icon in the upper right-hand corner:

  1. Click the Camera to open a settings dialog
  2. Select "Always allow to access your camera and microphone"
  3. After you've selected this option, reload the page where you are trying to use your webcam or microphone.
    • If you're trying to go through the tech check, you can also just click "Try Again"



  1. Alternatively, this can be done by clicking on the gear icon, on the left side of your URL bar
  2. Camera & Microphone can be enabled by using the toggle



Allowing Devices on Chrome for Android

  1. Chrome for Android users should get the same prompt to allow the microphone and camera but if devices are blocked, they can click on the lock in the address bar 
  2. Select 'Permissions'
  3. Tap on the scrubber button to allow access to devices.
  4. Click the back arrow in the top left once you are done




  • Note: You may need to refresh the browser for devices to update.


Allowing Devices on Firefox

On any page that requests your camera and microphone (like the meeting room or tech check), you should see a Camera and Microphone icon to the left of the address bar.

  1. Click here to open a settings dialog
  2. Click the "x" next to the options "Use the Microphone" and "Use the Camera". This will remove the options from the Permissions list
  3. Reload the page and click Allow








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