Submitting an Invoice

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Instructions on how to submit an invoice if you are a new vendor. What details are required and what to do if you run into any issues? We also outline our standard payment terms.


How to Submit an Invoice

If you are a new vendor and need to submit payables, you should follow these instructions. If this is the first time you're submitting an invoice and/or don't have an access code, you should submit a request from our Help Center. 

Your invoice should contain your business name and address (including state/region and postal code), and your complete banking information: bank name, SWIFT code, branch name and address (including state/region and postal code), account number, and type of account (checking, savings, other).


Step-by-step instructions

  1. Point your browser to

  2. Enter your access code and click on 'Get in'

  3. Select the project for which you have to submit the payable

  4. Enter an invoice number (Mandatory)

  5. Enter a Description for your invoice (Optional)

  6. Enter the Unit Price for each of the line items you are presented with (if the line item is not relevant to you, like "other charges" just put $0)

  7. Make sure that the Total displayed in the AP system matches the total in your invoice

  8. Upload your invoice (Mandatory)

  9. Click on Submit.

  • If you invoice in EUR or GBP please ignore the dollar sign but make sure to add the correct numerical units (e.g. If your incentive is €50, it's ok if it's displayed as $50, we will adjust it to Euro internally)
  • Standard payment terms are net 60 days - all payments are due 60 days from the date, the invoice is submitted. So please make sure to submit the invoice promptly as soon as it's available to you.
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