Screen Share during Live Qualitative Research

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Moderators can screen share, their screen or request panelists to share theirs, while also having the capability to play audio.

The screen share feature is automatically recorded with the session and proves valuable for enhancing the overall discussion experience, especially in informal usability and user experience (UX) studies and various interactive scenarios.


Screen Sharing as a Moderator

  1. To share your screen as a moderator, click on the Media Icon at the bottom of the discussion.
  2. Select “Share My Computer Screen.” (This option is only available to the researcher)
  3. Choose which Screen, Window, or Chrome tab you’d like to share with participants. 

  4. Enable the audio, if needed. Moderators can play audio while screen sharing. Keep in mind that this will only work by selecting an individual tab or the entire screen. The default when sharing an individual tab is "share tab audio", so be sure to de-select if it is not required. As it could cause an echo in the meeting room. Toggle the share system audio button
  5. To activate the share button, click the window/screen you would like to share. A blue box will appear around the selected window.



Screensharing View

The shared screen will take center stage in the meeting room. By default, in the Interactive Meeting Room, the screen share content won't be visible, only a black screen & the video of respondents. (see image below)

Moderators view


Alternatively, moderators can use the picture-in-picture function of their browser to extract the video stream of respondents and place it in their location of choice. Making it possible to view the respondent while viewing the content being shared. This is best for IDI.


  1. Start by sharing your screen in the Live Meeting Room
  2. In the meeting room, right-click on the respondent video stream
  3. Select Picture-in-Picture



  4. Move the Respondent Video Stream next to the Application, Chrome Tab, or Entire desktop that you are sharing.

View of browser tab screen sharing & respondent video stream

  • The screen share is automatically recorded along with the moderator and respondent's video
  • Screen sharing will be available in the Insights + Recording tab of your Project Dashboard.


View the respondent's screen

Moderators can request and view the respondent's screen, which, once confirmed by the respondent, becomes visible to all participants who are inside the meeting room. Additionally, the screen share feature is automatically recorded with the main session recording.

  1. Open the participant panel in the lower left-hand corner by clicking the Participant icon.
  2. To view a respondent's screen, click the button with the monitor icon.
  3. The respondent will confirm sharing the screen and select if they want to share their entire screen, a window or a tab. The audio can also be shared with Entire Screen or Tab is selected.

  4. Once the screen share has been confirmed by the respondent. Their screen will then be visible to all participants in the room.

Screen Share recording

The screen share is automatically recorded along with the moderator and respondent video and will be available in the Recordings tab. If the Interview is conducted in Germany or the Blur Interview Recordings setting is enabled for your project, the screen share will be blurred. 


Screen Share for Mac OS

To initiate screen sharing on a Mac, start by granting permission for screen sharing in your system preferences.

Here's how:

  1. Go to Apple Menu + System Preference + Privacy & Security
  2. In the Privacy tab, select Screen Recording
  3. Enable the toggle next to the browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge) to allow it to record your screen.
  4. Once the app is selected, click ‘Quit Now’. Restart your browser and rejoin the meeting room.



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