Chatting during Live Qual Research

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This article gives a rundown of the Discuss chat feature, enabling real-time messaging among project team members during discussions.

It's handy for quick queries, discussing topics, or holding private conversations with participants, ensuring seamless communication and confidentiality


Backroom Chat

Discuss provides a “Backroom” only available to Moderators, Observers, Translators, and Tech Support.

This additional chat room allows you to interact with other project members without involving the respondent in the room.

  1. To access the Backroom, click the Chat Icon on the meeting room’s right-hand side:
  2. Select the “Backroom” tab to send and view messages among your team.



Public Chat

Moderators, Translators, Respondents, and Tech Support Agents will be able to see and respond to messages shared in the public chat. Observers can only read messages shared in the public chat. 



Private Chat

  1. To start a private chat click on the chat icon in the top right corner and then click on the "+ Private Chat" button.
  2. A modal will pop up with a list of users to private chat with. Simply check the boxes to add people to your private conversation.
  • Moderators and Tech Support can start a private 1:1 or small group chat with anyone

  • Anyone can start a private 1:1 chat with Tech Support, provided that they are connected to the meeting room

  • Observers and Translators can start a private 1:1 or small group chat with Moderators, Observers, and Translators, but not Respondents

When using the Help! button, please monitor your private chats. Your support agent will assist there should you need it.


Add Users to an existing Private Chat

  1. To add users to an existing chat simply click on the icon below the chat name.
  2. Then, select the users you want to add to the chat. 
  3. After clicking update, the new users will be added to the chat and can see the previous messages in the room.




Remove Users from an existing chat

  1. To remove users from a chat, simply click on the icon below the chat name.
  2.  Uncheck the user(s) you want to remove and click on update.
    • Note: You can also choose to remove yourself if you would like to leave a private chat conversation. Just uncheck yourself in this list before you click update.


Edit and delete chat messages

You can also edit or delete your chat messages, in any room. Simply click the 3 dots next to your message, and make your selection.



Translate chat messages

Select the language of your messages by using the dropdown menu located on the top right of the chat panel. This will allow you to see messages in English & your source language. This feature is useful with Global Live Research. 



Download chat messages

Project owners, researchers, collaborators & editors can download backroom and public chats after the recording processes by

  1. Logging in to their Discuss Account
  2. Selecting their desired project
  3. Selecting Insights > Recordings tab
  4. Clicking on Tools & Downloads
  • If you do not see these available it may mean that these chats were not used during the sessions.
  • If you are looking to download the private chat transcripts please submit a request here.





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