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Get the support you need instantaneously so you can spend more time getting the insights you need.

Included with Premium, Premium+ & Consumer Reach plans


Live Support

Our intuitive platform makes it easy to connect directly with customers. 

With our Global & Experienced Live Support Team seamlessly added to your Live Research, rest assured that issues will be swiftly addressed - minimizing disruptions, facilitating introductions, and troubleshooting connection issues for all involved.

Support will start the recording at the scheduled start time, and will be available via the Help Button once they are satisfied the session is successfully underway.

Request Live Support

If you want extra help, add live tech support :

  • Included with Premium, Premium+, or Consumer Reach subscriptions
  • For other plans, Live Support can be requested through our Quote Form.
  • Live Support is guaranteed if the session is booked with 24 Business hours or more
  • Weekend support isn't guaranteed & must be requested via or your PM
  • If Live Support is enabled for your Live Research & you need last-minute support :

Request Last-Minute Support


Support Timeline

Platform Support agents are available live in every session for 40 minutes. They proactively join 20 minutes before IDI sessions and 30 minutes before Dyad, Triad & bigger discussions, facilitating participant arrivals and ensuring good technical setup.

They will analyze technical details, conduct live tech checks, brief participants, and connect with recruitment teams where necessary.

If you wish to share specific instructions with your assigned Support Agent, add notes to your Project.


What Live Support Can/Can't do

To Facilitate the start of your discussions, your Support Agent can :

  • Help you test mobile screen sharing on MSS-enabled sessions.
  • Send reminders to respondents and moderators.
  • Return to the room to further assist you if you hit the HELP button or are not responding to chat.
  • Assist respondents with tech issues (if any) so they can join the session.
  • Upload the following to a live session:
    • Sample image for respondent whiteboard
    • Sample video for respondent video test
  • Allow backup respondents to participate, thus changing the size of the session, which will prompt the agent to update the Project Manager/Project Coordinator/PS of these changes (for billing).


Things Your Platform Support Agent Will Do if Written in the Session Notes

The session notes are a feature in the respondent hub that allows you to add specific instructions for your support agent.

For more information on how to add detailed session notes to your sessions, please refer to: Adding Notes for Your Support Agent

Session Notes before the session :

  • Ask respondents to bring something with them, such as a pen and paper, a product, or homework.
  • Test your desktop screen share and whiteboard.
  • Ask respondents to rename themselves, such as by using their initials instead of their first names.
  • Refrain from contacting respondents at all.
  • Paste a link in the public chat so that you can test the screen share with the correct link from the start.
  • Share PII with a specific set of observers. For example, recruiters who already have access to that info and would like us to tell observers who Panelist #1,2,3 and so on.
  • Hold off on starting the recording and inviting observers until you confirm the chat.
Things Your Platform Support Agent Cannot Do

Your platform support agent cannot do the following:

  • Modify the settings of your project. This can be done by projet owners, editors & collaborators before/during the session.
  • Share PII from observers with you. For example, our agents cannot provide you with an observer's email address or location.
  • Share PII from respondents with you.  Agents are not permitted to disclose any information with regards to location, IP address, or other identifying details.
  • Add moderators' emails to DIY projects.
  • Upload research materials/Stimuli for you.
  • Share stimuli on your behalf during the session.
  • Any sort of screening.
  • Ask screening questions for respondents, or ask personal questions to assess respondent engagement or energy. 
  • Read warnings about doctors commenting on adverse events.
  • Stay longer than the specified time.
  • Close the meeting room at the end of the discussion. The moderators are responsible for closing the room and the end of the discussion.
  • Discuss or advise respondents about their payment/compensation. For this matter, your respondents are referred to their recruiter who will be better able to assist.
  • Tech Support cannot verify if your respondents have signed an NDA or Consent form.
    • If your Consent Form was hosted on another platform or sent via email - we can't confirm if it has been signed.
    • If you are using the Consent Form features from Discuss and have assigned the form to your interview, your respondents won't be able to join the Discuss without signing the form.
Best Practices to ensure success with Live Support

Here are some suggestions to make your user experience with the platform more time-efficient and pleasant:

  • Change your sessions to audio-only instead of asking your platform support agent to turn off their camera. Having cameras enabled requires respondents to allow Discuss permission to access their cameras. If they don't, they won't be able to join the session, which can be frustrating and confusing for respondents who have been told that their cameras won't be used. Also, respondents who don't have a camera on their computer won't be able to join the session at all.
  • Pay attention when your platform support agent leaves the room 10 minutes after the session starts.  We understand that it can be easy to get focused on your session and forget that your platform support agent leaves the room 10 minutes after the session starts. However, it's important to remember that the support agent is still there to help you, even if they're not in the room. If you need assistance, please hit the HELP button and our support agent will jump back in right away.
  • Please understand that your platform support agent cannot control the devices, internet connections, or volume controls of any participants. Your support agent can only guide or instruct you on troubleshooting steps.
  • Please check the private chat regularly for help requests from your platform support agent. If you do not look over or respond to their requests, they will not be able to assist you further. 


Add Notes for Live Support

Add notes for your support agent to provide special instructions for the session setup. Before adding notes, please refer to What Live Support can & can't do


Once you have created sessions for your project you can add notes. More information on creating sessions can be found here.

  1. In your Project Dashboard, click the "Respondent" Hub tab




  2. Click "Notes"




  3. Enter the notes you require and click "Save"
  4. Optional: Apply Notes to All upcoming sessions by ticking the box above the save button.

Once the notes have been successfully applied you will see the notes column icon has changed color

You can edit these notes at any time just be sure to hit save and apply to all upcoming interviews if required.




Local Language Support

We do our best to assign an agent who speaks the same language as your respondents. Making the onboarding easy & comfortable for respondents.

However, local language support is not guaranteed. 

  • Scheduling Interviews with plenty of notice can help receive Local Language Support
  • For sessions with a Translator, our Support Agent will coordinate with them to get the Tech Check completed.
  • For sessions without a Translator, our Support Agent will coordinate with the Moderator to ensure an On-Time start.


Live Support Language Capabilities


Last Updated March 2024

  • Albanian
  • Arabic
  • Bahasa
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Filipino
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Chinese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Tulu
  • Croatian


Live Support Video


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