Adding Editors to a Self Captures Project

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Adding an Editor to a Project

You can start by accessing your account and selecting the relevant project from your dashboard.

On the Project Overview page, find the "Manage Members" section, which is located on the right side of the page.



Click on "Add Members".



1. Provide the email address of the team member needing access.

2. Assign them 'Editor' rights.

  • Note: To learn more about various project roles and capabilities, including the editor, click here.

3. Confirm and apply the changes by clicking 'Save'.


Your editor has been added and will now appear in the list of members with access to your project. They can log in using their email address and will be able to access the project from their dashboard.

Removing a Team Member

 As per the adding procedure, ensure you are in the "Manage Members" section.


To remove a member: Identify the email address of the editor you wish to remove. Click on the trash can icon adjacent to it to revoke their access to the project.





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