Adding a Time Zone for Respondents

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Setting the time zone for each respondent ensures the respondent gets the interview invite in their local time zone. We will detail how to add a time zone to a respondent using the Respondent Hub. 


Adding the Time Zone for each Respondent

Head to the 'Respondent Hub' and click the 'Add/Edit Respondents' button.


Add the respondent's name and email and then choose from the dropdown list of the different time zones the respondent is located in.


***Note: Changing the respondent's time zone does not override the tech check respondent time zone captured when the respondent records their tech check. This is intended to be used in cases where the tech check is not needed.


Click 'Done' to save your changes.


What Will the Respondent See?

Once the respondent is confirmed for an interview and has received the invite, they will be able to see the invite in their local time.



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