File Sizes of Recordings

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Overall, market research recordings provide a valuable tool for companies looking to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and the market they operate in. By analyzing these recordings, companies can make more informed business decisions and improve their overall performance by understanding consumer needs & preferences, identifying market trends, improving customer experience & testing new ideas. 

This brief guide will provide further information on what to expect when it comes to the size of the recording files with Discuss. Keeping in mind that each file will vary depending on many factors. Below you will find all factors that contribute to the file sizes of your session recordings.


Files Sizes of Session Recordings

You can download and view transcripts from the ‘Recordings‘ tab on your project.


Learn more about downloading session recordings.


There are many variables to consider when accounting for the file sizes of session recordings in a project. The output is highly variable and based on many considerations:

  • The number of participants, particularly those publishing video and audio.
  • The participants' internet speeds and the quality of their video streams. High-definition video publishing greatly increases data output.
  • The quality and amount of stimuli shared in the interview.
  • The length of the interview.
  • The activity of the interview. More dialog increases the audio output.

Because of the number of variables involved when compiling the data for the recording, it is difficult to determine in advance the given file size for any interview. A 60-minute interview can generally fall between the 500MB-2500MB range due to all of the above factors.

We currently recommend limiting the length of your interviews to 4 hours. Discuss can support longer recordings however it is not generally advised due to how long that recordings, it's clips & transcripts will take to be generated. 

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