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Global Research Services provides Screener Creation. However, if you would like to create your screener, you can use the attached template.

Feel free to delete or adjust existing questions and include information relevant to your Research objective.

Screener Creation from Discuss occurs a fee but is included with Consumer Reach subscriptions


Screener Writing Service

Our team of project managers can seamlessly turn your screening criteria into a non-leading questionnaire that will allow us to recruit the best respondents for you.

A screener is a short recruitment questionnaire, delivered electronically, face-to-face, or over the phone to potential research participants to determine if they qualify for a study. 

  • Screening criteria and screener are not the same! The screening criteria is simply the compiled main aspects of the respondents that you would like to recruit and the screener is the actual recruitment questionnaire.
  • A screener questionnaire would capture all the information above as well as some additional information in a way that the objective of the research is not immediately clear to the participants.
Screening Criteria Example
  • Females
  • 20-40 year olds
  • Have at least 1 kid under 5 years old
  • Cooks meals at home for the family at least 3x a week
  • Uses packaged seasoning/bouillon in their recipes at least 1x a week
Screener Questionnaire Example
1. Who is mainly responsible for cooking the meals for your family?
a) Myself mostly
b) I share the responsibility equally with my partner
c) My partner mostly TERMINATE
d) We don't cook at home TERMINATE
2. How many times in a normal week do you cook for your family?
a) 1x a week or less TERMINATE
b) 2x a week TERMINATE
c) 3-4x a week
d) 5-6x a week
e) Every day

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