Getting Help through Customer Care team

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Need extra help beyond our Live Support? You're in luck!

For any technical queries or other questions about your project, platform, or services, our global team of Customer Care experts are here to assist you


Customer Care


Our team is here to guide clients through our platform, troubleshoot technical issues, and address respondent queries Monday through Friday. Plus, you can reach out to us via in-app chat!

Respondents can reach the help desk by submitting a request.

Our Customer Care team is also here to help clients through the platform, service requests, pricing questions & project investigation.

For assistance, reach out to customercare@discussio 


Normal Operating Hours

Available Monday through Friday during the following hours:

  • 4 AM to 10 PM EST
  • 9 AM to 3 AM UK 
  • 1 AM to 7 PM PST

If you need live session assistance outside of our normal operating hours please submit a request here.


Project Manager & Coordinators

Our project management and coordination teams operate with individual schedules Monday through Friday. When starting your project, make sure to check in with your PM/PC to confirm their availability.


Knowledge Base

Do you prefer a hands-on approach? Our knowledge base has everything you need to conduct your live research successfully:




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