Invite & Assign Recruiters

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This article is for Project Owners, Researchers, Editors & Collaborators who wish to add their recruiting partner to their Researcher Hub.

Recruiters have access to the Respondent Hub, allowing them to add/edit their recruit information. Interviews Invites, Async Research & more can be sent out from the Respondent Hub.


Invite my Recruiter to my Research

You can invite your recruiters to your Research Hub by adding them as Recruiters or Omni-recruiters to your project. They only have access to your Respondent Hub and no parts of your Researcher Hub. The Omni-recruiter can see all respondents' PII and recruiters can only see their recruit's PII.

  1. Log in to your Researcher Hub by going to your Discuss account
  2. Add your recruiter email in the Manager Member section of your Overview Page.


Assign a Recruiter to a Session

  1. Assign recruiters to a session by clicking on Select Recruiter in the Respondents - Respondent Hub tab.

Please note, if you assign a recruiter without inviting them to your project, their role will be set as a recruiter and not an Omni-Recutirer. 


Removing a Recruiter from a session

A recruiter can always be removed after being assigned to the interview. By clicking the cross button beside their email address.


What will my recruiter see?

Once added, recruiters will automatically receive an email from giving them access to your projects' Respondent Hub.

If they don't have a Discuss account, they are prompted to create one. 

Recruiters can only see the Respondents tabs including Self Captures, Respondent Hub & Completed Interviews. 

Recruiters cannot schedule sessions.

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