How to Edit/Reschedule Interviews

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This concise guide walks you through each step to edit/reschedule interviews seamlessly. Using Discuss, adjustments are just a few clicks away. Dive in to learn the essentials of editing and rescheduling, ensuring that you can adapt to changes effortlessly.


How to Edit/Reschedule Interviews

You can start by identifying the interview to be rescheduled in the list of upcoming interviews on your overview page. 

Click on "ID ******" for the interview you want to reschedule



Make edits to your session

Click done!


Reschedule Interviews from the Calendar

Simply click on the interview you want to reschedule and the edit dialogue will pop up. TIP click on the time of the interview in the calendar NOT the plus sign. Clicking on the plus sign will create a new interview rather than edit the current one.


The edit dialogue appears. Click the calendar icon.


Select the new date.

Select the time.

Click on Save in the lower right to confirm your changes. Then you are done! Those that were sent an invite will be notified that the session has been rescheduled.

Click here if you need to delete an interview. Here are the details of our cancellation policy.

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