Communicating in the Meeting Room on a Mobile Device as an Observer

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This article includes instructions on communicating in the meeting room on a mobile device as an Observer. It will cover how to access the Backroom chat feature as well as how to request help. 


Accessing Chat

Since you are joining as an observer, your webcam and microphone will be disabled and you will be able to communicate with other observers, moderators, and support agents through the private chat room (called Backroom.)


Requesting help

You can also engage with your platform support agent by using the Help! This is only available if you have live support included in your project.

  1. You can refresh your page at any time for simple audio or video issues. If that doesn't resolve the issue, you can notify your support agent.

  2. Click on the help button on the bottom right of the screen. This will notify a team member to join your session to look into the issue. (Note: The help button is only available after the recording is started if you need help before the recording starts please write directly in the chat). The agent will respond to your query via a private chat so check for it in the chat panel.

mceclip6.png      mceclip8.png

3. After you click the button, a confirmation message will appear in the backroom chat. 

4. A Discuss Platform Support Agent will join within 60 seconds and open a private chat with you. Please put your issue in the chat and keep it open until resolved.
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