July 2022 Product Release Notes

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This article summarizes updates and enhancements our product team has released this month. We will also outline our exciting news about features that are coming soon.


New Features!

Mobile Meeting Room for Respondents and Observers

Today’s mobile-first world demands that we meet the respondent where they are and on their preferred device.

With Discuss you can now invite participants and observers to join a live session from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Using our browser-based, mobile meeting room, you can connect with more people around the globe with the click of a button - no apps, no downloads.

The Discuss Live meeting room allows you to access the same features you love but from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet:

  • Easily allow for respondents and observers to participate and observe in interviews

  • Polling, chat, and discussion guides are available on mobile

  • Respondent information & participant settings

  • Ability to whiteboard and share stimuli

For more information, visit our help articles:

System Requirements

Browser and Device Requirements

Respondent Tech Check Flow

System Requirements - Auto Tech Check

Pair Your Bluetooth Device

Your Project Overview

Entering the Meeting Room as a Respondent via Smartphone or Tablet

Participating as a Respondent in the Mobile Meeting Room

Observing Interviews from a Mobile Device



Updates & Enhancements

Speaker Identification

Identify which respondents are talking during a live group session with speaker stream identification. Users at any level can take advantage of this new feature — moderator, observer, or respondent. See it in action in your next live discussion!




Best Practices

Whiteboarding for Mobile Respondents

Whiteboarding from mobile can allow you to gain rich insights into how customers view a new ad or concept on their smartphones or tablets.

When using the whiteboard in your mobile conversations, these best practices will allow you to capture the best insights.

  • Pinch and Zoom - Respondents can get a closer look at what is being shared using pinch and zoom on shared stimuli

  • Erase and Move - If a respondent makes an error, they can erase or move their input on the shared content

  • Moderator Microscope Tool - Moderators sharing stimuli can use the microscope tool to make smaller text or images larger

  • Tablet Landscape Mode - Users entering through a tablet device can keep their screen in landscape mode to have more real estate and to access more tools when participating in the markup


Coming Soon

Respondent Mobile Screen Share from a Mobile Device

We are expanding our mobile screen share capabilities to allow you to interview respondents on their smartphone or tablet browsers while using our Discuss app. This will enable you to see participants walk through different browsers and apps in real time without the need for a laptop or desktop.

The Discuss app is a secure way for respondents to share their mobile device screens with researchers as part of consumer conversations. The app brings the screen from smartphones and tablets into the online interview so that participants can show how they use apps and websites. The Discuss app is available for iOS and Android. The app won’t appear in search results if the app is not available in that country and if the device is not compatible with it. 

Device Requirements: Mobile App Device Requirements

Releasing in August 2022

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