How to Restrict Observer Audio

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Optimize your multilingual sessions with this concise guide on restricting observers' audio access. Ensure observers only hear the translated version, eliminating the option to listen to the respondent's original audio in their native language. Follow these instructions to enhance language control.

How to Restrict Observer Audio

  1. Navigate to your project dashboard. Access the settings page of your project
  2. Under Observer Settings locate "Restrict Observer Audio" and click inside the checkbox to enable the "Restrict Observer Audio" feature. 

What happens when you restrict observers' audio?

When a simultaneous translator is used, observers will ONLY be able to hear the translated audio. They will not have the option to listen to the session in the respondents' native language.

By default, Observers will have the option to switch between the native language audio and the translated audio when they join a session. If you would like to restrict observer audio to listen to only the translated audio follow the steps below to turn this on. 


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