Managing Respondents For Sessions Without Live Support

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In this Training, you will learn how to manage your respondent in the Live Meeting Room. 

It will include : 

- Requirements for Respondents

- Mobile Device Access and Interview Settings

- How Respondents join an Interview

- How to Dismiss Respondents or bring them back to the waiting room


Blurred Background Feature

Before joining a live session, you can select your video devices and opt to blur your background. This feature is essential for maintaining impartiality, objectivity, and privacy—especially crucial in healthcare research. This feature works for Chromium browsers (Chrome and Edge) and NOT with non-chromium-based browsers like Safari or on IOS.

Blurred backgrounds provide a customized interview experience that enables the privacy of any background content. Mitigate worries regarding personal identifying information (PII) in the background by easily concealing it with the click of a button. You can also access the blurred background feature through the settings cog during the session to make real-time adjustments. Every change is reflected in the recording, transparently showing when the background was blurred or revealed.



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