August 2022 Product Release Notes

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This article summarizes updates and enhancements our product team has released this month. We will also outline our exciting news about features that are coming soon.


New Features!

Participant Waiting Room

Set the room in your live session with an easy-to-use participant waiting room. Using the tool on your own or with our assistance, you can:

  • Talk to a group of respondents individually and as a group  

  • Set the room before the session begins

  • Double-check tech requirements

  • Ask icebreaker questions to help make the respondents comfortable

  • Dismiss over recruits or floaters from the waiting room

For more information on this functionality, click here.



Updates & Enhancements

Respondent Mobile Screen Share from a Mobile Device

We have expanded our Mobile Screen Share App for mobile conversations. You can now interview respondents on their smartphone or tablet browsers while running a screen-sharing session. See participants walk through different browsers and apps in real-time without the need for a laptop or desktop. Not only can participants join on mobile, but observers can also watch a live session from any device.

The Discuss app is a secure way for respondents to share their mobile device screens with researchers as part of consumer conversations. The app brings the screen from smartphones and tablets into the online interview so that participants can show how they use apps and websites. The Discuss app is available for iOS and Android. The app won’t appear in search results if the app is not available in that country and if the device is not compatible with it. 

Device Requirements: Mobile App Device Requirements


Best Practices

Observers Entering from A Mobile Device

Want to give your clients or stakeholders more flexibility when observing live conversations? With our new mobile meeting room, your observers can watch sessions on the go via any mobile device. Plus, this feature is included in every project, with no extra setting to consider.

When inviting your stakeholders to participate in the research, these tips can help them make the most out of their observing experience on a mobile device:

  • Get involved in the research with ‘Save the Moment’. Using this feature, your observers can mark and tag key moments they find insightful during a live conversation.

  • Join longer sessions with a fully-charged device. The longer the conversation the more battery life is drained so having a fully-charged device or a charger on hand will set your observers up for success.

  • Listen to the sessions with headphones or a headset. Using wireless or wired headphones will optimize the sound for your observers during live conversations.

For more information on what features are available to observers entering from a mobile device, click here.


Coming Soon

Self Captures to Live Conversations

Enable customers to conduct the qualitative research they need on our ‘People Experience Platform’ - whether it's live conversations or self-captured unmoderated feedback. Connect the two methods where a customer can collect feedback asynchronously and then review/choose the best candidates to invite to a live conversation OR move respondents from a live conversation into a Self Capture survey. 


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