Enable/Disable Takeaways

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Enhance project customization with this quick guide on disabling takeaways. By default, takeaway questions are enabled after a session, offering project members immediate input from moderators and observers.


Project owners and editors can customize the questions to your research objectives.

If you don't customize your questions, all observers and moderators will be asked these 3 standard questions:

  • What was the biggest takeaway you had from today's conversation?
  • What did you learn?
  • What action would you take based on what you heard today?

However, this feature may not suit every project's needs. Researchers can easily turn off takeaways at any point during the project, providing flexibility to align with specific project requirements.

We recommend making any project adjustments before joining your session.


How to Enable/Disable Takeaways

  1. From the project overview page, navigate to the settings icon
  2. Under Meeting Room Features locate "Takeaways" and click inside the checkbox to enable/disable the "Takeaways" feature. 


Customize & Gather Interview Takeaways

If you'd like to customize & gather interview takeaways, you can click here

Access & Download Takeaways

If you'd like to access & download interview takeaways, you can click here

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