How to Search for Keywords Using the Transcript

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to use the search function in your session transcript. All project members will have access to search for keywords in the transcript, except for the recruiter role, Omni-recruiter role, and view role.


How to Search for Keywords Using the Session Transcript

Log in to Discuss, choose your desired project, and navigate to Insights > Recordings.


Choose the video for which you want to search specific words in the transcript


In the recording section of your project, you can find the recordings and their transcripts. If your session included simultaneous translation, select the language you wish your transcript to be in via the dropdown.


We support human transcription in every language and machine transcription in 119 languages


In the search bar type the keyword you would like to find in the transcript and press enter.


The targeted word will appear highlighted in the transcript as follows:


The search feature does the targeted keyword research across all available transcripts of all other projects you have access to, the results are displayed on the left-hand side of your screen:




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