Sending a Self Capture Activity to a Specific Respondent

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to send a self-capture activity to the respondent of your choice through the respondent hub. 


Sending a Self Capture Activity to a Specific Respondent

What are the Use Cases for Sending a Specific Respondent a Self Captures Activity?

Sending a self-capture activity directly to a respondent indicates that the researcher has already recruited participants they want to speak to for their research.

Self-capture activities are a way for researchers to follow the journey of participants before, during, and after live conversations.

What Project Roles Can Send Respondents Self-Capture Activities?

All of the following roles can send specific respondents a Self Captures Activity, but some roles may have limitations.

  • Project Owner (full access)
  • Editor (full access)
  • Collaborator (full access)
  • Omni-recruiter (can send all respondents activities that are added in the Respondent Hub)
  • Recruiter (can only send respondents that they recruited in the Respondent Hub)

Sending a Self Captures Activity from the Respondent Hub

1. Click the 'Notify & Invite' dropdown button at the top left of the Respondent Hub.



2. Click the 'Send Self Capture Activity' button.



3. Choose the activity you would like to send the respondent.



4. Choose the default Self Captures template to send, or create a new template.



5. Choose the respondent(s) you would like to send your activity to.



6. (Optional) CC yourself to the communication by checking the box. 



7. Click 'Send'.



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