Favoriting Respondents Within a Project

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to favorite and unfavorite respondents in your respondent hub, and from self captures, we will also cover powerful uses that come with this feature. 

What is the Value in Favoriting Respondents?

Favoriting is a feature that helps you mark something you want to remember to come back to when it comes to a specific respondent. Whether it be you are excited about their responses, possibly detecting a theme around certain respondents or anything that is worth coming back to, favoriting is a great tool to help follow the respondent's journey within the scope of the project.


Favoriting can also be a powerful tool when quickly needing to communicate with your team, recruiters, stakeholders, and clients. By starring a respondent, you are flagging that this respondent has something worth for others with access to the project to check out.


What Project Roles Can Favorite a Respondent?

All of the following roles can favorite respondents, but some roles may have limitations.

  • Project Owner (full access)
  • Editor (full access)
  • Collaborator (full access)
  • Omni-recruiter (full access)
  • Recruiter (can only send respondents that they recruited)

Favoriting a Respondent from Self Captures

1. Click the 'View All Responses' button on the survey.



2. Click the 'By Respondent' view in the top navigation.



3. Choose the respondent in the left navigation you wish to favorite.



4. Click the star button next to the respondent's name.



Note: To unfavorite, re-click that stat.


Favoriting a Respondent from the Respondent Hub

1. Click the 'Add/Edit Respondents' button.



2. Find the respondent you wish to favorite.



3. Click the star button in the star column to favorite that respondent.




Note: To unfavorite, re-click that stat.


Where Can I See The Star Once the Respondent Has Been Favorited?

The star will appear anywhere where the respondent's information lives in the project.

  • The star will appear in the 'By Task' view of a Self Captures survey.
  • The star will appear in the 'By Respondent' view of a Self Captures survey in the left navigation and in their responses view.
  • The star will appear in the 'Add/Edit Respondents' dialog.
  • And in any 'Notify & Invite' email correspondence within the platform.





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