September 2022 Product Release Notes

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This article summarizes updates and enhancements our product team has released this month. We will also outline our exciting news about features that are coming soon.


New Features!

New Beta Feature! Self Captures & Live Conversations

Self Captures are now part of your Live Projects. As a Discuss customer, you have early access to this new feature for all your upcoming DIY projects that do not have services provided by Discuss. 



Get more out of your qual research. Collect more feedback faster with a mixed method qual approach with both moderated and unmoderated feedback. How can you leverage both self-captured feedback and live conversations in your next project?

  • Homework Activities: Get the most out of respondents with feedback before and after your live conversations. 

  • Casting: Get the best value from your research and talk to the best and most articulate respondents 

  • Theme Exploration: Dig deeper and uncover key themes from self-captured feedback to live conversations

With Self Captures Beta Feature, you can:

  • Easily navigate to your Live sessions or Self Captures from your project overview page.

  • Easily schedule respondents from self-captured activities into a live session with a click of a button or invite respondents you’ve spoken with share more with unmoderated feedback.

  • Send invitations and invite respondents to participate in self-captured feedback from the respondent hub

  • Review, sort, filter, and favorite responses.

  • Add Self Captures responses to a Highlight Reel and share with your team


For more information on this new beta launch, click here.

Best Practices

Looking to get to your key insights faster? Take advantage of Auto-Clip Tags to identify emerging themes within your research. Whether you want to create your tags before, during, or after your sessions, you have the flexibility to use this feature to fit within your process. See how you can take advantage of Auto-Clips Tags to help you increase time savings and create efficiencies:

  • Auto-clipping before your sessions - When you are setting up your research project, you have the ability to create auto-generated clips before your live sessions. This gives you the ability to hypothesize your key themes and then sit back and enjoy content created just for you.

  • Auto-clipping in the Meeting Room - During live sessions, you and observers are able to auto-clip tags in the saved moment's functionality to help you find themes within all the interviews.

  • Auto-clipping past interview recordings - Create clips around a keyword or theme that you may have missed in your project. Simply choose a word you would like to track within all of your recordings and follow the steps above to create more content.

For more information on Auto-Clip Tags, click here.

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