Change Translation Settings for an Interview in Progress

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If you've discovered that your translated sessions are set up incorrectly (i.e. set up as consecutive translation instead of simultaneous translation), you can make an instant change in your project that will update the live meeting room. 


Change Translation Settings for a Meeting in Progress


  1. Open your dashboard and select your project.
  2. Under "All Upcoming Interviews" 
  3. Click on the session ID in question to bring up the edit modal.
  4. When the edit modal opens, select the Additional Settings dropdown
  5. Under additional settings change the translation type to the correct option (i.e. from consecutive to simultaneous).
  6. Update the interview language and translated language for proper transcription
  7. Be sure to click save!

Return to the room and instruct all participants to refresh.

  • The translator interface will change significantly and will need to be tech-checked again for good audio/video.
  • Changes will be updated and the translator should return in the correct role. 
  • You will have to make these changes for all sessions that require it. 
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