Managing Project Members and Roles

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Managing Project Members and Roles Video Walkthrough 

Organization admins have control over who gets access to the paid features on their account. 

Managing Project Members and Roles Article

Display Icon on Seated Members

Organization admins can identify members with researcher seats by the checkmark badge next to their email address and role. Seated members can take on any project role; non-seated members can only be assigned Recruiter, Omni-Recruiter, or Viewer roles.

New Project Dialog for Adding Project Members

To add a new member, select their role and input their email address. You can add multiple users at once by separating email addresses with a comma. 

The admin will be able to see information about which roles are paid roles when they try to add the new members. Having the information at the right time will significantly enhance the admin's experience while they manage their project members. 


Adding Project Members When Seats Are Available

If a researcher invites a new user to a project in a paid role and seats are available, the new user is automatically assigned an open researcher seat.

If a user wants to promote a non-seated member to Editor, Collaborator, or Project Owner, they can do so if open seats are available on the account.

The organization admin receives a notification about the newly filled seat.

Adding Project Members When Seats are Not Available

Researchers can select a role and extend an invitation directly from the project members' dialog box on the project's Overview page, even when seats are not available. 

Making a Seat Request While Adding a New Member to Your Project

When inviting a new user to a project in a paid role and seats are unavailable, researchers have the "Request Seat(s)" button that allows them to request additional seats from the Organization Admin.

During the period of awaiting approval from the Organization Admin for the paid role assigned by the researcher, the new member will be included as a viewer in the project.

Clicking the "Request Seat(s)" sends an email to all Organization Admins, containing the new user's email and the requester's details. The new user's status is marked as 'Pending' within the project. Upon approval from the Organization Admin, if the new user is promoted to a Researcher, their pending status is automatically updated within the project.

If a Researcher wishes to promote a user who already has access to the project, they can do so by adjusting the user's role in the Project Members list, thereby requesting a seat for them. Following this request, the user retains their Viewer status until an Organization Admin promotes them.

Cancelling a Seat Request

To cancel a seat request, a researcher can select the user with the pending request and click on "Cancel Seat Request". Upon cancellation, a notification is automatically sent to the Organization Admin to inform them of the canceled request.

Changes to Assigning a Moderator

Because moderators can be either Researchers or Viewers in an organization, they must first be added to the project in the appropriate role before they can be assigned to sessions. The dialog to assign a moderator will not pull from the list of members already added to the project. To add a new user as a moderator, they must be added through the Project Members dialog.

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