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For Organization Admins and Researchers seeking insight into Discuss's plans & pricing, Research setup, and Global Research Services, this article provides essential information.


Unlimited Research Model

If you're considering leveraging Discuss to scale your Qualitative Research, you've come to the right place.

Our Unlimited Research Model offers seamless access to our platform for your Researchers, whether you're in the exploration phase or ready to launch concepts or products. With features designed to streamline the process, your Researchers will find everything they need to succeed for their Live Qual, Async & Off-Platform Research. 

Maintain control by assigning your team, partners, or stakeholders as Researchers or Viewers to your organization.

  • Researchers enjoy full platform access, enabling them to create, manage, and launch projects.
  • Viewers have access to session moderation and viewing Insights.

To begin, explore our current Unlimited Research Model & Pricing.


Kick off your project

Pro, Premium, Premium +
  1. Simply create an Account on www.discuss.io and access the dashboard.
  2. Click the create project button on the top right.
  3. Name your project & choose your Organization Subscription from the options provided.

For Researchers handling multiple organizations within Discuss, selecting the appropriate subscription for the project is crucial, as this choice is permanent. Opting for "None" allows the creation of a project detached from a subscription, leading to the quote form for initiating an Ad-Hoc project.

All Unlimited Seat Based plans have Async Research, Consent Forms, Custom Branding & Off-Platform Research included.

Don't forget to customize your Project Settings to suit your needs.

    • Users on a Pro plan will find Live Support disabled by default. To create a project with Live Support, users can access click on Open Quote Form from the project start modal.
    • Users on a Premium & Premium +, or Consumer Reach plan enjoy Live Support by default. To opt-out, deselect the setting. It can be re-enabled anytime. When enabled, Live Support is automatically applied to all new sessions within a project.


Video Walkthrough 


Ad-Hoc Projects
  1. Simply create an Account on www.discuss.io and access the dashboard.
  2. Click the create project button on the top right.
  3. Complete our Quote Form


Utilize our Global Research Services

For your In-Dept Qual Research, you have the option to use Discuss as the Platform Only or to use a mix of our  Research Services.

For added peace of mind during sessions, many of our users opt for Global Live Tech Support. Included in Premium, Premium + & Consumer Reach plans & as part of our additional Global Research Services, live Tech support ensures smooth execution for your sessions. 

Learn more about Live Tech Support and explore a range of services such as Global Recruitment, Moderation, Translation, and Project Management by clicking here.


For any inquiries, contact customercare@discuss.io

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