How To Support Your Own Interviews

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This video series will instruct moderators on participant management in the event of no live support.

It will cover how to join the meeting room, how to add respondents  from the waiting room to a live discussion, as well as basic troubleshooting tips and processes in the event of video, audio, or connection complications.

During your Interviews, managing participants can be done through the participant list, located on the bottom left of your screen. 



Moderators and support agents can further manage respondents, by sending respondents who have entered the live meeting room back to the waiting room. 

Use Cases

    • Moderators can have more flexibility on how to manage their conversations.

      • ex. would be talking with each individual respondent before starting the full focus group. 

    • If live support has been added to the session, live support agents use this functionality to help manage the respondents before the session starts and easily excuse undesired respondents from the waiting room or keep them waiting after they are tech checked by the agent until the session starts.

This section will cover in 10 minutes :

  1. Joining an interview as Moderator

  2. Joining respondents to the meeting room

  3. Optional - Add a Waiting Room for Observers

1. Joining an interview as Moderator


  • New Feature! Interview Reminders

It is now possible to send interview reminders to your recruits prior to their sessions.

From your Discuss Dashboard, click on your desired project & the Respondent Hub tab.

The Notify & Invite feature includes an Interview Reminders template that can be used or edited. You'll be prompted to select the name of the respondents and they will receive their reminders.


The Interview Reminders default template includes Technical Requirements, Tips for a successful session, Support Article & Respondent link to join the meeting room.

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2. Joining Respondents


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