Consecutive Translator Essentials

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Learn everything that is needed for a Consecutive Translator to have a great experience with Discuss. This article covers how to log into a session as a Translator, access to your devices, and control if you would like to join the meeting with your microphone on. 



  1. Create an account with Discuss if you have not done so already. Interpreters are required to log in to attend their sessions so that we can have better visibility on who is joining each session and increase security on our platform.
  2. Make sure that your computer meets the system requirements, and don't forget to check the interview best practices

If you've never joined an Interview using Discuss, we recommend testing your devices before your Interviews. Test Your Devices For Free with Tokbox



  1. Open the URL link you received prior to the session. The link should look like where ###### is a 6-digit number. 

  2. Follow the prompts to log in, or create your account if this is your first time. If you try to use a different email address you will be prompted to create another account or be met with a forbidden access error.

  3. You will be taken to the Audio/Video Device selection page that looks like this. 

  4. Select your audio and video devices from the drop-down menu if required and click save
  5. Upon clicking Save, you may see a welcome message if the Moderator has not yet joined the session.
  6. Once the Moderator has joined, you will join the meeting room. You will be seen and heard by other users in the room.

As a consecutive translator, you have access to the Backroom chat, if you need to communicate with the moderator, support agent, or observers. 


Meeting Room Features for Translator

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