Guide for Observing on a Mobile Device

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Observers can choose to join a session via mobile device. This article includes instructions for joining a session & meeting room features on mobile devices. 




Join a Session from a Mobile Device as an Observer


  1. Join the session link on the updated, mobile version of Google Chrome or Firefox (Android devices) and Safari 13+, Google Chrome, or Firefox (iOS devices).
  2. Enter your contact information, review the privacy policy and terms of service, and click Continue.
  3. Choose whether you want to listen to the session using web audio or dialing in by phone. We always recommend web audio for the highest-quality session.
    • For simultaneous translated sessions that do not have restricted front-room audio, you will also be prompted to choose your language.
  4. When you confirm your device settings, you will enter a waiting room. If your session has live tech support the support agent will invite you in when the session is ready to begin. If your session does not have tech support, your moderator will need to invite you in when the session is ready to begin.
  5. You can use the chat functions while on the waiting page.


Joining a Session with Simultaneous Translation

If you are observing a session with simultaneous translation, you will be asked to choose which language you wish to hear the session in when entering a non-restricted audio session.

If your session allows for audio to the front room, you can switch between languages at any time by heading to your device settings and switching languages, and then clicking "Save".


mceclip9.png            mceclip10.png



Features Available to Observers on Mobile or Tablet Devices

By joining a session from a mobile device or tablet as an observer, you will have access to the same computer meeting room features that will aid you in following along with the conversation.


  • Save the moment

You can save moments of the conversation that you find interesting using our Save the Moment feature.

When you save a moment, you can add an optional tag to help organize your video clips. When Tagging is enabled for your project, you will see a tag popup after saving a moment.

Learn more here



  • Chat

Since you are joining as an observer, your webcam and microphone will be disabled and you will be able to communicate with other observers, moderators, and support agents through the private chat room (called Backroom.)


Observer-Backroom-Chat (1).gif


  • Help!

You can engage with your platform support agent by using the Help! This is only available if you have live support included in your project.

  1. You can refresh your page at any time for simple audio or video issues. If that doesn't resolve the issue, you can notify your support agent.

  2. Click on the help button on the bottom right of the screen. This will notify a Discuss team member to join your session to look into the issue. (Note: The help button is only available after the recording is started if you need help before the recording starts please write directly in the chat). The agent will respond to your query via a private chat so check for it in the chat panel

 A Discuss Platform Support Agent will join within 60 seconds and open a private chat with you. Please put your issue in the chat and keep it open until resolved.


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  • Participant List

View all the different participants in the session.



  • Discussion Guide

Follow along with the moderator by viewing the discussion guide in real time.

  • Polls

See respondent polling results in real time.

  • Stimulus

When Stimulus is being shared, Observers have a “See Activity” button, which enables them to toggle between seeing the stimulus or the respondent's reactions.

To Zoom in and out on the stimulus use the classic pinch-to-zoom gesture on your mobile or tablet

Screenshot_20220729-101402_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20220729-101535_Chrome.jpg


  • Exit

To exit the session simply click the 3 dots on the bottom right-hand side of the meeting room. A new menu will appear. Allowing you to select " Exit Interview"

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